The Raw Food Diet – Does It Really Work And Is It Really Worth It?

raw food dietWe have heard of every diet possible from the South Beach Diet to the Atkins Diet to the Sobe Grapefruit diet and then there was my favorite – the cabbage soup diet.

Of course, you will lose weight when all you eat for a week is cabbage soup!

Have you heard about one of the latest trends in both weight loss and diet?

The raw food diet not only promises to help you lose weight, but also promises to help you detox your body and system and become a cleaner person inside and out. Or, maybe you have heard celeb vegan superstar and animal activist Alicia Silverstone talking about the raw food diet.

Starting the raw food diet is the most difficult part because you have to completely learn how to change your patterns and routines of grocery shopping. You are going to totally and completely change everything you know about grocery shopping as you have always known it.

To start the raw food diet you will also have to start thinking a day ahead for meals as many of the raw foods need to be sprouted or possibly soaked overnight.

If you are serious about weight loss on the raw food diet, you will also need to invest in some new kitchen supplies and kitchen equipment because preparing a raw food meal is so entirely different than preparing any other meal you have ever prepared.

Start your weight loss plan through the raw food diet slowly and surely yet gradually. Start by simply monitoring what you drink and concentrate on only drinking water and fresh fruit juices. Cut out anything that has come from a can or a package.

Start to change your grocery shopping habits by buying only organic. The only thing you need to concentrate on is when you are in the produce section of the grocery store, instead of buying what you are used to buying, try to buy organic.

You should be able to find organic seeds, nuts and produce quite easily. Basically by going organic in this area the only difference is you are avoiding any pesticides that may have been put in regular produce, nuts and seeds.

Another easy way to boost your weight loss plan on your raw food diet is to begin eating more salads. This will also get you used to eating raw foods.  Now go through your kitchen and cupboards and take out anything that is packaged, canned and processed or preserved.