The Jason Alexander Weight Loss Story

If the Jennifer Hudson weight loss story is an endorsement for Weight Watchers, then Jason Alexander’s 30 pound loss is now an endorsement for the Jenny Craig diet. For a change, you have a man and not a woman who is admitting to needing help with their weight and doing what is required to take charge of their health.

jason alexanderThe former Seinfeld star is now part of a viral video that goes “Take a look, drink it in. I was fat, now I’m thin!” in which he proceeds to dance and strip down to his innerwear to display in new weight loss. “Guys you can do this too,” we are reliably informed by the man.

The Jenny Craig diet, which helps the average person lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, took Alexander 18 weeks to lose his 30 pounds. TV’s favorite funny man claims that the Jenny Craig diet “totally works”.

Alexander has put himself out there and has used some of his trademark humor to call attention upon some significant changes he has made to his life.

This can serve as valuable inspiration to those of us who have grown used to thinking of ourselves as being a certain size; and to thinking that nothing is ever going to change for us. Alexander did, so can you!