“The Fat Smash Diet”: Learn Healthy Habits While You Lose Weight

fat smash dietThe Fat Smash Diet was devised and published by Dr. Ian K. Smith in 2006, after he appeared as a judge on “Celebrity Fit Club.”

It is a diet program that is divided into four phases to allow time for the body and mind to adapt to new eating and exercise habits.

One of the great things about the Fat Smash Diet is that it recognizes that we need time to adjust to change; that lifestyle changes like diet and exercise need to be worked at consistently until they become habits.

This is what the four phases of Dr. Smith’s program allow for; to adapt to lifestyle changes of eating nutritious, filling foods and getting enough exercise to be healthy.

Unlike the many fad diets that keep popping up, the Fat Smash Diet is not designed for fast weight loss or a quick fix.

You get an easy low calorie eating plan, a list of foods you can enjoy and another list of foods to avoid, recipes and tips on how to change your unhealthy behaviors.

The 4 Phases of the Diet

Completing the four phases of the Fat Smash Diet will take you about 90 days. You will lose weight in each phase, but more importantly, you will be developing new healthy eating habits and exercise. This makes it an ideal weight loss program – it is really the start of a lifetime weight management program.

The first phase of the Fat Smash Diet is the foundation phase – a 9 day detox period. It is stricter than the other phases, but is necessary for the success of the diet. Each of the phases builds on the one before, as Smith believes that the processes of the body need to be “rewired” to learn to deal with the healthier food and lifestyle.

“Dieting should not be complicated, painful or unrealistic. The Fat Smash Diet is a simple diet that is easy to follow, and teaches people how to choose the right foods to foster weight loss,” according to Dr. Smith.

His promise is results you can see within 9 days, and a change in your attitude to healthy food. “On average, most people lose 6-8 pounds in the first phase, and then it slows down to a few pounds a week in the other phases as you increase calories,” he says.

It’s all about choices

With so many diets and weight loss plans out there, it is really hard to know what will work best. The Fat Smash Diet differs from lots of other diets because it educates you in a better way of eating and exercising. This diet is designed to “change your relationship with food.”

At the end of the 90 days, you will be able to make better choices about food and exercise; you will know how to deal with food cravings and will be able to avoid over-eating. Throughout the book, the author gives lots of little dieting tips and the principles of healthy eating and exercise.

While the first phase is very strict, if you can survive it, you have a good chance of succeeding in losing weight. The trick is to be able to maintain what you have learned and achieved; the Fat Smash Diet helps you here as well, with a website, with communities and forums, for motivation and help.