The Effects Of High Fat Diets May Last A Lifetime

high fatExperts have found that cardiovascular disease can develop even in people who follow diets that are high in fats for short periods.

A research studied how perivascular adipocytes, which are the fats that coat the blood vessels, will react differently according to a person’s specific diet.

The results of the study showed that the different fat cells within specific parts of the body react differently to diets high in fat; this is notably dangerous for our health when these high fat diets react with the perivascular fat deposits.

The layer of fat in the blood vessels seems to be able to detect a diet high in fats, which in turn causes a damaging reaction.

During experiments carried out in the laboratory, researchers found that a diet rich in fats provoked irritation of the fat tissue coating the heart’s blood vessels. This will eventually lead to an increased possibility of contracting cardiovascular disease.

This study proved that not only people with high cholesterol levels are prone to the hardening of the arteries, but also those who consume diets high in fats.

The way specific fat tissue reacts to a diet high in fats depends on numerous different aspects, such as the kind of food one ate during childhood and even what type of diet one’s mother consumed during pregnancy.

The research is aiming to study in further depths the irrevocable effects of a diet high in fat, and specifically to the resulting damage after given periods of high fat diets and the return to regular diet.