The Anne Collins Diet

The official website of the Anne Collins Diet proclaims this one to be the “easiest weight loss programs on the internet.” It is a program that, about $20 a year, offers you the following:

Weight loss based on better eating: There is the Low GI (glycemic Index) diet, the Cholesterol Diet, Low Carb diet, Vegetarian quick diet and many more; all along with meals and menus. There are meal suggestions, snack choices, and nine plans in all which are on offer.

The program does not require you to buy any pills, equipment, and there are no other little hidden extras. The diet plans are not difficult; they are fairly straightforward.

There are different eBooks one can access once a person becomes a member and then you are offered help in choosing, which one is right for you.

The Online Forum: Once you become a member of the site by paying the fee amount, you get to access the online forum and access to the eBooks that outline the diet. This is a useful resource for people following the program and who want to share and swap stories. They offer tips, advice and share experiences.

On the forum you can find a friend, get encouragement and obtain motivation. Plus there are tips and tricks offered by the program itself that help in keeping one motivated in terms of sticking to the program. After all motivation is the key to a successful weight loss program, as most of us have discovered at some or other point.

Exercise Advice: This is perhaps one area in which the program could be said to be lacking. There are some tips but this is principally a nutrition based program and so does not concern itself much with the exercise angle of weight loss. It can be clearly seen that this is not a program for anyone who seeks a personal trainer, even a virtual one.

In conclusion, what we found about the diet plan is that is seems very doable and straightforward, with no hidden extras and costs involved. When the website claims that this is an Unbeatable Price, one is inclined to agree; you could do a lot worse with your twenty bucks a year.

It is a little low on the exercise front, and the material may not be path breaking but it is effective and well collated; a lot better than a number of online diets that promise the earth. All in all it is good value for money.