Tasty Diet-Friendly Foods To Lose Weight

Do you feel that your favorite foods are forbidden in your weight loss diet plan? While this is often true, there are many low-calorie foods that provide good nutrition and also taste great.

Maintaining a weight-loss diet doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from all your favorite foods; rather try to eat them in moderate and acceptable portions.

Here is a sample of diet-friendly foods that also taste great:

Green and brightly colored vegetables

Green and brightly colored vegetables provide you with numerous vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body.

Fresh vegetables not only help you to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet, they also add flavor and taste to your food. If you add these vegetables to your list of favorite foods, you will find weight loss much easier.

Sea food

Spice up seafood with condiments. Low-fat or fat-free salsa serves as a good topping and adds great flavor to your food. If seafood doesn’t appeal to your appetite, try poultry instead. Instead of fish, go for a skinless chicken breast.

Fresh fruits

While most fruit is tasty and low in fat, the cantaloupe offers the ultimate in healthy refreshment. Even a cup of sweet melon that contains 60 calories and less than one gram of fat provides you more vitamin C than a glass of orange juice.

Wholegrain breads

Instead of eating white bread with refined flour, try wholegrain bread like wheat bread. This will help you to include low-calorie food in your diet. Whole grains naturally have high dietary fiber that will not only help you to lose excess body weight, but also prevent various health complications like heart diseases.


Soy products are very good substitutes for animal products. Soy beans contain high amounts of amino acids and are also rich sources of calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins and fiber. If you want to replace animal products, soy products are a good choice.

However, make sure that you aren’t allergic to soy before using it. Speak to your personal doctor or an experienced dietitian before you eat soy.

String cheese

A low-calorie cheese that satisfies your dairy cravings, string cheese usually comes in individual wrappings, so that you can avoid overdosing on it.

Rub spicy mustard or hot sauce on it and dip it in Italian flavored breadcrumbs and bake it for 12 minutes on 400F. Try these diet friendly foods in your regular routine and make your weight loss a healthy and life-changing event.