South Beach Diet Phase 1 Recipes

South beach diet is a diet which helps you lose weight drastically within very few days by curbing down on the cravings. But it is not true that in this diet you will have to starve. On the contrary, you need to take three healthy meal and two snacks, to lose weight. This diet has a few phases, and you must know what to eat during each phase. Here are some of the food items that you might like to eat during the phase 1 of south beach diet.

south beach diet phase 1 recipes

What to Eat, While in South Beach Diet Phase 1?

When you start this diet, it is important to know what food items you can consume in which phase. Here are some food that you can eat during this phase and the way you can plan the meals

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is one of the most important meals that you will have in this phase. For breakfast you can have foods like vegetable quiche, Cinnamon breakfast Ricotta crème etc. Cinnamon breakfast Ricotta crème can be made quite easily, all you have to do is to put the ingredients, namely, partly skimmed ricotta cheese, ¼ spoonful grounded cinnamon, ¼ spoonful vanilla extract and some sugar substitutes in a microwave friendly bowl, mix them and cover the opening of the bowl with waxed paper, and warm it in the microwave. Enjoy while the crème is warm.

Lunch Recipes

For lunch you can have the blackened chicken breast. You should drizzle the chicken with some honey and put the Cajun spice mix on it. Lastly bake the chicken breast in microwave for 30 minutes or so, and keep it uncovered while baking. Your blackened chicken breast is ready.

Dinner Recipes

Another important meal for the phase is the dinner. For dinner you can have dishes such as ginger chicken with snow pea salad made of lean protein and vegetables. Making ginger chicken snow pea salad is easy. Boil snow peas in salted water for a little bit, then put them in chilled water, take out and pat dry. Coat the chicken with the mixture of canola oil, soy sauce and ginger. In a skillet put a bit of canola oil and fry the chicken till both sides are golden. Finally slice it and mix with little soy sauce snow peas, scallions and sesame oil and toss them. The salad is ready.

This is how you should plan the meals for the phase 1 of the south beach diet.