The Top Disadvantages of South Beach Diet

South beach diet is a popular diet program which emphasis on eating a diet which is rich in high fiber and lean protein. This diet is a fad diet which concentrates on the consumption of unsaturated fats and low glycemic carbohydrates.

Though this diet proves to be very beneficial and useful for many, several people still have their doubts reserved because there are many elements of this diet which are not backed up by supporting proof or sound science. Infact, there can be many disadvantages of south beach diet and some of the main ones have been listed below.

disadvantages of south beach diet

  • The main disadvantage of south beach diet is the fact that it is not supported by any conclusive scientific theory and the data obtained is still insufficient.  The only study that was conducted was by the founder of this diet Dr. Agatston who conducted the study on a small group of people and not even for a long term.
  • The phase 1 of this diet is very restrictive and has many types of inconveniences. During this phase, ketosis may occur because of the lack of carbs that the body receives and some of its effects include fatigue, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems, dehydration and weakness.
  • The lack of fruits can also result in loss of vitamins and minerals.  Moreover, by eliminating all carbohydrate rich foods can lead to cutting down on some good sources of fiber, minerals and vitamins.
  • South beach diet promises a rapid weight loss but no health professional will ever recommend a rapid loss in the weight and this is thus another disadvantage of following this diet.
  • South beach diet program can be pretty expensive as well because it concentrates on having protein and cutting down on carbs. Protein is always more expensive than carbohydrates.
  • The recipes involved in south beach diet are mostly very complicated and time demanding to prepare.
  • Another major disadvantage of South Beach Diet is that it can be very demanding and may need great will power to follow and complete, especially from those who are used to have a carbohydrate rich diet.
  • South beach diet does not include or mention any specific form of exercise to increase the metabolism and this is a limiting factor in this kind of a diet program.
  • This diet does not offer many food options for those who do not like to eat dairy products or cannot eat dairy products.