Breaches in the South Beach Diet

South beach diet is one of the most trusted diet plans for people who aim to lose weight. The idea is to eat low carbohydrate and low fat diet that leads to instant weight loss. The plan is spread over 3 phases and is generally effective for most people. However, people do make mistakes in the diet which leads to less weight loss in the stipulated period, and in some cases weight gain can also occur. Here are some of the common mistakes of the diet.

breaches in the south beach diet

Mistakes that People make While Following the South Beach Diet

The diet has proven to effectively reduce weight, provided you do not make silly mistakes like the ones given below:

  • In the phase 1 of this diet, you learn to control your food consumption and curb the craving. But in the phase 2 you can eat almost everything. This is where people slip from the path of the diet. Since the body has been starving without carbohydrates for the past 2 or 3 weeks, when you enter the second phase, you immediately start to gain weight since the moment you eat carbohydrate it turns into fat.
  • South beach diet is not meant to keep you hungry. So, if you feel hungry while following it, know that there is a mistake somewhere. You should take three meals a day while following the south beach diet along with snacks. But just make sure you do not eat food with high fat or carbohydrate component.
  • A lot of people make the mistake of prolonging the first phase a bit too much. It is obvious that during this phase you can lose weight drastically. But remember your body does need some carbohydrates too. A healthy diet is a balanced diet. Therefore, do not try to overdo the phase one, since this might lead to more weight gain in the second one.
  • A lot of people who follow this diet experience bread craving. Since during the first week you must go without carbohydrates, you cannot eat bread. The problem is that the regular white bread can completely destroy your diet. Therefore, even if you have bread cravings, you will have to control it considerably.

So if you are also planning to for South beach diet, then remember that this diet is very good health wise and is not exclusively meant for drastic weight loss. Therefore, follow this diet for its health benefit and you will get best results.