South Beach Diet – A Diet Plan To Maintain Balance Between Carbohydrates And Fats

South Beach DietAre you a heart patient? Are you afraid to follow any diet plan to lower your weight?

Don’t worry; you can follow a south beach diet to become healthier and to lose some weight.

Most of the people prefer the south beach diet to ever popular Atkins diet phases. This is due to the mentioning of carbohydrates in the diet plan.

Though there are some limits in the carbohydrates that you eat in the beginning, this will subside in the end.

The basic idea behind the south beach diet is in order to be healthy you need to find a balance between the carbohydrates and fats that you eat.

Instead of eliminating the foods from your diet, you are taught to eliminate only the bad carbohydrates and fats, while continuing to eat the good ones.

South beach diet is not based on low carb diet plan. It actually encourages you to eat what it considers to be the good carbs. South beach diet plan consists of three phases.

Phase 1 – For first 2 weeks

The first south beach diet runs for two weeks. During this phase you will have to eliminate carbohydrates completely and also alcohol, baked foods, bread, fruit, pasta, potatoes, rice, and sugar.

Instead of eating these foods you will have to eat chicken, cheese, eggs, fish, meat, nuts, turkey, and veggies.

The reason behind eliminating some of these foods is so that your body can change in the reaction it has to the food that you eat. Because your body is used to storing bad fats, you continue to crave these foods.

If you can maintain your body from these excesses then you can completely alter the way in which you metabolize food.

Phase 2 – Until your target weight is achieved

In the next south beach diet phase certain foods can be re-introduced into your diet. These foods include: cereals, bread, fruits, pasta, and potatoes. You can eat all of them; this can be an overload for your body.

In stead of this you can re-introduce them slowly and eat them in moderate proportions and frequency. But the slow re-introduction of these foods to your body will teach it to metabolize the fat from the foods instead of the sugar.

Phase 3 – For the rest of your life

The last south beach diet phase is the least restrictive of the entire diet plan. During this phase of south beach diet you continue the guidelines that you set earlier in the diet plan.

You can continue to eat the way that you have been eating and make this your way of life. You need to avoid carbohydrates continuously, which are found in foods with a high glycemic index.

The thing that is very interesting about these south beach diet phases is that you can eat until you are satisfied. There is no limit on how much quantity you should eat, instead of this you need to pay careful attention to what you are eating.

Human body needs fats and carbohydrates and with south beach diet you will get both. The difference is that you will only eat carbohydrates that are high in fiber, which makes them absorb and digest slowly.

In this diet the fats that you eat will be polysaturated and monosaturated which are good for your health.