Sonoma Diet – Some things you Should Know

Though the Sonoma diet is generally thought of as healthy, and is perfect for those that enjoy eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and wine. A few things about the Sonoma Diet that you may want to keep in mind:

  • Though the diet includes a wide variety of ‘allowed items’ there are certain things that are barred: added sugar, saturated fats and refined flour all the undesirables of modern food products are disallowed. While this is excellent for your health, it does mean that you have to shop with great care and attention to labeling of package ingredients. Basically you can have what you like, after the initial induction period, so long as you avoid what is expressly forbidden. It may be a little less convenient, but could end up being very rewarding indeed.
  • The Sonoma diet is thought of as being low carb, and consequently a lot of experts have opined that it lacks certain healthy giving properties.
  • Many contend that the 10 day induction period that this diet begins with may be a problem in terms of being too restrictive. This is supposed to be a period of purging, where the body rids itself of unhealthy foods and prepares for a healthier intake in times to come.