Put Down That Diet Soda, Did You Know It Is Bad For Your Kidneys?

Diet SodaFor years, women and men have been reaching for the diet soda on the shelves instead of the regular soda in hopes they would save themselves a few calories.

Whether you shop weekly at a neighborhood grocery store and always pick up your twelve pack of soda or whether you only order a soda with your lunch or dinner when you go out with your girl friends, you are putting your kidneys at risk.

While diet soda does not have sugar and therefore can make claims to being low in calories or in some cases calorie free, the artificial sweeteners in diet soda can be nearly as bad for men and women as the sugar in the real soda is.

Women and men who drink soda usually do not get enough water in their daily routine which can also attribute to diet soda being harmful to our kidneys- both of them.

The man or woman who has the occasional diet soda with a meal is doing far less damage to their kidneys than the man or woman who is drinking two sodas each and every day.

So when you are cutting excess calories in an effort to lose weight, instead of ordering a diet soda and a regular soda, get water instead. In fact, when at the grocery store skip right by the soda aisle on your way to the bottled water aisle or better yet the 100% fruit juice aisle.

Do not let your desire to lose weight compromise the health of your body and the health of your kidneys. Instead of drinking soda, have some green tea or water.

In fact, you can put a piece of chewing gum in your mouth whatever it takes to avoid eating (because you are trying to lose weight) and drinking something that can be harmful to your body.

Scientists and researchers are still finding things everyday in regards to how food and drinks can harm us and our bodies. In fact researchers still don’t know all of the side effects that natural sweeteners can have on our systems and not just our kidneys.

They may find that natural sweeteners are just as bad for our teeth as regular sugar is and they may find that our kidneys are not the only organ in our bodies that are negatively affected by natural sweeteners.