Research Says Diets High In Protein Best Long Term

high proteinThe kind of diet you choose is important, for what you are aiming at is fat loss, not muscle loss, your objective should also be to decrease the level of triglycerides, this is the most effective way to avoid developing heart diseases and diabetes.

Not all diets are successful; they may leave with a constant sense of hunger, tempting you to eat between meals, while others will not help you keep the weight you lost off once and for all.

A new research paper published in the Journal of Nutrition proved that diets with slightly higher protein content are more likely to succeed than others over a long term.

Two groups were analyzed, one having double the intake of protein with respect to the first and major differences were found in the resulting weight loss.

At the end of the research the two groups had lost basically the same weight, the difference being that those following a diet higher in protein had lost more weight in terms of fat than the other group with a lower protein intake.

Protein is important to preserve muscle, which will help dieters whose objective is long-term weight loss, for the more muscle you have; the more calories will be burnt off. Both diets lowered LDL and cholesterol levels, but these levels increased on the long term, proving that high cholesterol levels cannot be maintained low with dieting, even on a long term. However with the diet higher in protein, the triglycerides were lowered, an important factor, which will lessen the risks of heart disease.

It is also true that the effectiveness of a diet also depends on whether the diet is adhered to correctly; the protein diet was easier to follow resulting in a higher percentage of people who carried the diet on to the end of the study, compared to those following the lower protein diet.