Negative Calorie Diet For Quick Weight Loss!

Negative calorie dietNegative calorie diet is the diet which includes the foods that are nutritious.

But these foods have the fewer calories than the foods required for digesting.

Non caloric diet will help you in burning fats. So, these foods are called fat burning foods.

This negative calorie diet will provide calories for only digestion purpose but it will not provide you the calories for the body use. You have to work hard to extract the calories from these foods to use.

The foods included in the non calorie diet:

Some of the foods which give you negative caloric effect are apples, blueberries, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, chili peppers, cranberries, garlic, grape fruit, green beans, green cabbage, lemons, papayas, pine apples, spinach and straw berries.

The foods which are included in the negative calorie diet contain adequate vitamins and minerals which will produce the enzymes that are used to breakdown the calories in that foods and the calories which are already present in digestion. These foods have the negative caloric value due to its nutritional value.

You should not starve while following this diet. You can eat lot of foods which will help you in burning extra fat and you will become slim naturally. Some of the sugar free juices, broths and body cleansing mixtures have the negligible amount of calories.

The negative calorie diet foods are the important foods in the healthy diet but only eating these foods will not provide you healthy diet.

The sample plan for preparing negative calorie diet:

  • You have to take the natural foods that will take long time to be absorbed and broken down.
  • If you want to follow this non calorie diet, you should not eat anything that is cooked.
  • You should keep measurements of the foods you eat.
  • You should take the foods which will cut back your daily calories to 20-40%.

Weight loss with negative calorie diet:

Taking negative calorie diet will lose your weight of two pounds in a day. This diet will not provide you healthy weight loss (healthy weight is losing 1 to 1.5 pounds per week).

You should not follow this diet without the supervision of physician. This diet is not healthy weight loss method as it will not provide you enough protein or essential fats.

The fruits and vegetables in the non caloric food will provide you large amount of water and fiber along with vitamins and minerals. If you take these non caloric water and fiber in a large volume, then it helps when you are in hunger pangs.

Negative calorie diet will help you in quick weight loss. No need of keeping more effort to follow this diet. Negative calorie diet will improve the intake of foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals and improves your rate of metabolism.

Negative calorie diet will help in weight loss but main purpose of this diet is to increase energy and live longer.