Montignac Diet Is The Slight Way Towards The Perfect Figure

Montignac dietMontignac diet, created by a French nutritionist is based on the principle of avoiding foods with a high glycemic index like carrots, potatoes and beetroot which convert rapidly to sugars causing people to gain weight.

The Montignac diet is perfectly balanced because it does not encourage the complete suppression of sugars and fats but recommends the consumption of the both in normal proportions.

an addition to this the weight loss lasts and it is significant and the cardiovascular risk is drastically reduced.

This diet is the result of scientific research initiated at the begging of 1980, and of some experiments initiated by Michel Montignac in cooperation with some doctors and researchers.

The Montignac is not a diet per se because a diet is supposed to bring restrictions in quantity and needs to be limited in time. This diet plan is a balanced nutrition program without restriction as quantity is concerned based on the all food groups according to personal preference.

The Montignac has as target the weight loss, if the person is overweight, prevents the weight gain, the type II diabetes and reduces cardiovascular risk.

The interdiction refers to combinations between sugars and fats, or carbs and animal protein. The sugars are allowed 2-3 times a day and fats and proteins can be eaten whenever it is felt the need without combining them.

The fruit can be eaten between the main meals and the cereals and vegetables are recommended to be eaten raw in order to keep the glycemic index down.

The Montignac diet offers some advice for taking the right decision for the each food category starting with simple criteria.

If the glycemic index is low the sugars are allowed. The fats are admitted after measuring the cardiovascular impact. This combination of factors results in weight loss.

This diet has two major stages:

The weight loss stage varies in report with the number of pounds a person wants to lose. This stage implies intelligent choices of fats and protein but also the introduction of the recommended sugars. This carefully designed process stops the fats from depositing and activates the burn of the fat deposit already there.

The maintenance and prevention is linked to choosing the sugars so the glycemic index (GI) is within the admitted range and this will be larger than the one in the first stage.

Presently the Montignac diet is considered one of the most promising options for those who have already tried the conventional diets and resulted failure and it is the result of scientific studies done for 20 years with conclusive positive result.