MGAT2 Enzyme Decides If You Gain Weight Or Not

mgat2 enzymeScientists in California have made an interesting discovery that may mean that in the future diet books and weight loss programs may be made redundant.

Good news perhaps for our future generations who will not have to spend a lifetime fighting the flab.

Our bodies contain an enzyme known as MGAT2, which essentially makes all the decisions about how the food we eat is dealt with.

It is located in the intestines and can convert our fat intake into either energy or as is the case more often it adds extra pounds to all the wrong places.

A series of experiments performed on mice at the University in San Francisco, compared those with the MGAT2 gene against others that it had been removed from.

The results were quite revealing. When both specimens were given a low fat diet no differences could be found in regard to weight or behavior.

However this was a very different story when the food given to the mice was changed to a more typical average American diet of 60 percent fat.

Surprisingly the altered test subjects, those without the MGAT2 enzyme, weighed in fifty per cent less than the normal mice. Further more they had over half the amount of fat in their bodies as well.

The researchers at the University of California concluded that this ability to expel fat from their bodies meant that the lighter mice avoided related health problems such as fatty livers and the intolerance of glucose.

Unfortunately how this actually can be explained is not yet known but it is a step in the right direction for dieters everywhere.