Mediterranean Diet Can Cut The Risk Of Developing Cancer

mediterranean dietAdopting just two aspects of the Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of developing cancer by 12 per cent – research published in the British Journal of Cancer reveals.

Consuming more good fats – like those found in olive oil – than bad fats – like those found in chips, biscuits and cakes – had the greatest effect, reducing cancer risk by nine per cent.

It also showed that making any two changes to your diet, such as eating more peas, beans and lentils and less meat could cut cancer risk by 12 per cent.

These findings help show how making a few simple changes to our diet over time can reduce the risk of cancer.

“Of the 26,000 people we studied, those who closely followed a traditional Mediterranean diet were overall less likely to develop cancer.

“Although eating more of one food group alone didn’t significantly change a person’s risk of cancer, adjusting one’s overall dietary habits towards the traditional Mediterranean pattern had an important effect.”

The researchers found that people who more closely followed a traditional Mediterranean diet had a lower incidence of cancer.

Importantly, lower risk wasn’t only seen by completely adopting the traditional Mediterranean diet, but closer conformity to it also reduced the participants’ cancer risk. And the more changes made, the bigger the effect.

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