Man Goes On 14 Diets, At The Same Time

A Canadian man living in the famous town of Niagara Falls is trying to get his weight down from its present 360 pounds.

But he has decided to take a rather unusual route to get his weight down to a more manageable level.

It is not opting for the Atkins diet, or going to Weight Watchers or even jumping into the Step diet.

Well actually that’s not true, this 30-year-old man has set up a blog in which he will relate his experiences while trying out no less than 14 “fad” diets in just five months.

Undertaking what he calls the “Fad Diet Experience” he will indulge in every weird and wonderful fad diet regime known to be overweight world. So far, he has made use of just one diet, in this case the Cabbage-Soup diet, and the results after the first week is a loss of a very respectable nine pounds.

Over the coming weeks he will indulge in the wonders of other strange concepts such as the Pasta and Chocolate diet as well as the Lemonade Diet and better known counterparts such as the Hollywood diet.

He did not jump straight into this; he did consult thoroughly with doctors and nutritionists before boldly going where no dieter has been before.