Macrobiotic Diet – A Low-Fat And High Fiber System To Maintain Physical And Spiritual Health

Macrobiotic DietLooking for a healthy way of eating that includes physical, spiritual and planetary health? All these come under macrobiotic diet.

This dietary system is said to be the cure to many diseases, including cancer.

Macrobiotic diet plan is a holistic approach to dieting, it maintains the foods consumed by you that affect your state of compatibility.

This dietary system involves many principles. The main goal is to help you to understand the place in the order of life.

Yin and yang is the guiding principleused in macrobiotic diet, which is said to be present in all things that complement and balance each other.

They relate to foods as well as all other aspects of life, such as climate and movement. The macrobiotic diet balances the food that you eat with the life you lead.

Macrobiotic diet is a low-fat, high fiber diet that is a mainly a vegetarian diet. The emphasis is on whole grains and vegetables. In addition to this the macrobiotic diet is rich in phytoestrogens from soy products.

What makes macrobiotic diet to be very interesting to follow?

Macrobiotic diet is rich in complex carbohydrates, natural, unprocessed foods, and vegetables. This diet is low in saturated fats, even providing the essential fats. It can also be considered as weight loss diet, due to these factors, and lower calorie count.

Food intake in macrobiotic diet:

  • Whole grains – 50 percent
  • Fresh vegetables in a cooked or raw form – 25 percent
  • Proteins such as fish or legumes – 10 percent
  • Sea vegetables – 5 percent
  • Soups – 5 percent
  • Fruits, nuts and seeds – 5 percent

Benefits of macrobiotic diet:

  • The low-fat and high fiber diets are often recommended for those who have cancer and other chronic illnesses. The macrobiotic diet can be used by those people who have these conditions.
  • The phytoestrogen content may be protective and reduces the risk of estrogen-related cancers such as breast cancer.
  • The macrobiotic diet is low in saturated fats and high in phytoestrogen, which is helpful in balancing women’s hormones and help with menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and also prevents against breast cancer and endometriosis.

There is low intake of meat, dairy products, and sugar once you have started the macrobiotic diet. You also have to avoid alcohol, eggs and cheese.

Eating native foods is also important in macrobiotic diet. If you eat foods that grow in your native region, then those foods will fulfill your body’s energy needs at its optimal level. Eating native foods also helps you become more connected to your own region and helps familiarize the body with the region.

One more important principle of macrobiotic diet is eating foods from the same climate in which you live. By eating the foods from the same climate in which you live allows for a balance with the environment.

You are less likely to become infected with any viruses if you eat the foods grown in the same climate in which you live.

Seasonal eating is also a basic principle of macrobiotic diet programs. In this you need to change the foods that you eat from season to season. In seasonal eating, you should eat the foods that give you more energy. As the season changes, the amount of energy that certain foods offer the body also changes.

If you are using the macrobiotic diet program then you have to eat the right foods to balance the internal energy requirements. This system will also help you to lose a vast amount of weight. This diet program can help balance the diet and also your life.