Low Carb Cookies To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

In an attempt to live healthier and still eat delicious food without piling on the pounds, we have seen the rise of low fat and low carb food products in the market.

This is not limited to meals; thankfully we now even have the option of enjoying dessert and sweets such as yummy low carb cookies.

When you are making the lifestyle switch, it would help to clean out your refrigerator, take a look at all the unhealthy and processed foods you have been consuming, say goodbye to them and make way for healthy food products.

A healthier alternative

The demand for low carb cookies and many other low carbohydrate versions of pasta, pizza, and bread, have significantly increased.

We now have so many delicious choices to incorporate into our daily diet, and flavorful low carb cookies are one of the perks you want to try.

Low carb cookies are great because they can satisfy your sweet cravings, can come in many delicious varieties, yet won’t pack on the pounds and are also suitable if you are diabetic.

There are many recipe mixes for low carb cookies in the market, so losing weight or keeping healthy never has to be boring.  Although it may be challenging to get used to the taste at first, soon enough you’ll learn to experiment in the kitchen and love the taste of low carb cookies.

What do low carb cookies contain?

Low carb cookies use sugar alternatives such as Equal, Spoonful, or Splenda; and uses wheat to make the flour so you’re getting nutritional goodness in your cookies.

Meanwhile, they can also be made of low carb flour which is available in bakeshops. These make the cookies a preferred alternative because they use the good carbs. Further, they contain healthy ingredients like oats, raisins, and nuts.

What makes them different from other cookies?

Your regular cookies use starch, white sugar, and bad carbohydrates which give zero nutrients and are very fattening.

The white flour normally used in regular cookies contains a number of chemicals that we do not want in our bodies. These include chloride, gas, benzoyl peroxide, and chlorine dioxide, which are all used to bleach the flour.

Some mixes even include potassium bromated for oxidizing and strengthening the flour, which is banned from food in several countries such as Europe and Japan because it is a suspected carcinogen.

Where can you buy them?

Supermarket aisles have wide varieties of low carb cookies. They come in different flavors like the all-time favorite chocolate chips and many more. The only difference is they are healthier because they contain less carbohydrate. On the other hand, trying to make your own low carb cookies is also fun. The trick is to substitute your usual fatty ingredients with those which are low carb. Use non-fat milk, sugar alternatives, and wheat flour. Add some dried fruits, nuts, or jams and your low carb cookies can satisfy anyone with a hungry or full stomach.