5 Low Calorie Flours to Include in Your Diet

We all consume a lot of wheat in our daily lives. Whatever you eat be it pancakes, muffins, cookies, breads, cakes, sandwich breads and all the other food items are all made of wheat only.  The most important thing while making a flour dish is the type of flour you use or select.

Many must be thinking how flour might increase the weight of a person?

The answer to this question is as follows:-

High Calorie Content:

As you know if you take in excess calories, it might lead you to put on some weight. According to some research, you increase 1 ounce for a surplus 3500 calories.

Problems of White Flour:

The calorie content in white flour is high which leads to weight gain. Grains are easily digested, which helps in preventing the increase of sugar level in blood.

There are many more reasons how flour can increase your weight. It’s up to you to choose the low calorie flour suitable for your health.

5 Low Calorie Flours to Include in Your Diet

5 Low Carb Flours you can include in your diet

  • Flax Meal: If you love baked food, then you should definitely try flax meal. It acts a substitute for egg and flour in the baking process. Also known as ground flaxseeds, it has a fatty acid component which is essential for our body as it initiates brain function. This essential fatty acid is in general found in fishes and for people who do not eat fish, flaxseeds are the best substitute for them. Component contents in 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds-
  1. 4grams carbohydrate
  2. 3grams protein
  • Almond flour: Almond flour is nothing different, but just flour made of almond. It is almond grounded into flour. Compared to other constituents’ almonds are low in carbohydrate which you can come to know by seeing its constituent in 1 bowl of almond meal- i.e. just 2 grams carb. The best part of it is that less in carb but rich in calcium and protein. If used for baking you got to add eggs or any other egg substitute. 
  • Coconut flour- This flour is made from raw coconut by using dried and fat-free coconut flesh. It is rich in both fibre and carbohydrate. Using coconut flour has its own precautions to follow, like when using coconut flour in a mixture do not replace more than 20% of the regular flour with coconut flour. Remember adding an equal quantity of whichever liquid you are adding to the dough. Component constituents in 2 tablespoons of coconut flour-
  1. 8 grams carbohydrate
  2. 5 grams fibre
  • Low-carb flour mix- Preparing a mixture of flour mix having low carbohydrate content is a tedious task as mixing everything in the perfect ratio isn’t easy. So, the best solution is to purchase any low-carb flour mix from stores, for example you can buy Bob’s Red Mill Low-Carb Flour Mix containing-
  1. Soy flour
  2. Fibre oat bran
  3. Rye flour
  4. Flaxmeal
  5. Wheat bran
  • Soy flour- Being a good source of proteins and dietary fibres soy flour is good for diabetic patients especially. Made from soy beans, it has similar characteristics as to coconut flour and thus needs to be used in the same manner.