How To Make An Effective Low Carb Food List?

Carbohydrates which are broken down to simple sugars are what fuel the human body to participate in sports, fuel the brain to analyze a mathematical problem, and fuel our cells keep a whole system of organs running.

If carbohydrates should not be used up, it is deposited as fats, ready to be used if the need arises. If not, these will continue to be fat deposits and build up through time.

In order to stay clear from the effects of carbohydrates, you have to come up with low carb food list.

Accumulated fats in the body and its future disadvantages can be avoided with knowing what is in a low carb food list.

However, because of the number of food groups with its corresponding sub groups at that, isn’t it tiring to have to know all of them?

To make life easier provided below are general guides on must NOT haves for an effective low carb food list, foods from seemingly safe food groups that you might want to avoid.

Starchy Veggies

It may come as a surprise but not all vegetables are healthy treats especially for those who are avoiding too much carbohydrate in their diets.

Potato for one is a very starchy vegetable. Carrots, peas and corns are a few of the top 5 bottom at the low carb food list.  Just because these are vegetables does not mean that they are totally harmless.

So when you are thinking of eating mashed potato or carrot salad as a substitute for bread or pasta, think again. You may be just eating the same amount of carbohydrates as you would a normal meal.

Fruitful Bowls

People have this common misconception: that as long as it’s called fruit, it is healthy. But we should know better when it comes to deciding which fruit should be included in our low carb food list. Take note that as mentioned earlier, carbohydrates when broken down are nothing but sugars.

And this is what fruits are partly made of which leads us to believe that a bowl full of fruits may not be as healthy as you think it is. Eat what is and maintain an effective low carb food list.

Dairy overloads

As much as it can be helped, dairy products should be avoided especially by individuals who are required to take in minimal amount of carbohydrates.

While most of them provide calcium as in milk, they also are good sources of large amounts of carbohydrates and may not be an effective component of your low carb food list.

Make your low carb food list work

Wisdom lies not in memorizing the entire low carb food list but in knowing which food you must not include and faithfully avoid them in your meals.

Nutrients which can be derived from the food such as potassium in bananas can be readily derived from another type of food which has less carbs[low carb diet] or sugar in it. Substitute high-carb foods with low-carb ones and keep them in your low carb food list.