5 Myths Related to Low Carbohydrate Diet

Every diet or nutrition plan comes with its positives and negatives and may suit different people differently.  While some diets are beneficial for some people, it might not produce great results for the others. Like all other diets, there are many myths associated with a low-carb diet as well.

A Low Carbohydrate diet is a diet in which a person has to concentrate on eating those foods which are low in the carbohydrate content.  The following are the top myths that are associated with low carbohydrate diet:

myths related to low carbohydrate diet

1. Low Carbohydrate= No Carbohydrate

This is possibly the biggest misconceptions about a low carb diet. Often people think that a low carb diet is aimed to eliminate carbs consumption but this is far from being true.  Reducing carbohydrate can be beneficial but eliminating it is not advocated by any nutritionists or expert. Every person must consume atleast some carbohydrate every day to stay healthy and fit.

2. Low-Carb Diet Discourages Eating of Fruits and Vegetables

This is another common myth which is associated with low-carb diet.  Since vegetables and fruits are mainly carbohydrate, a lot of people think that these most not be consumed while following a low-carb diet but this is not true.  Infact on the contrary, those who are on a low-carb diet must consume more of vegetables.

3. Low Carb Diets do not Provide Adequate Fiber

Yes it is true that fiber is carbohydrate but being on a low carb diet does not mean that one will not get to eat adequate amounts of fiber.  The conception that low carb diets do not provide adequate fiber is yet another myth which is related to this kind of a diet.  Infact, since fiber remains undigested; it is often encouraged to be a part of low-carb diet.

4. People who Eat Low-Carbs are Courting Heart Disease

This is also a common misconception about low carb diets. But the real fact is that people who eat low-carbohydrates are often reduced to the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol and heart diseases.

5. Low Carb Diet can Damage the Kidneys

Many people think that consuming a low carb diet can damage the kidneys but this is also untrue.  It is true that people with kidney diseases are often asked to eat low protein diet but a low carb diet is not high in protein and hence may not be responsible for damaging the kidneys.