Liquid Diets: Are They Safe For Weight Loss?

liquid dietIt is now estimated that over half of the world’s population is overweight. Because of this fact, new diets and weight loss trends are popping up daily.

One trend that has become very popular is taking a liquid diet.

Liquid diets have proven to provide fast relief for losing weight. However, the big question is whether or not this type of dieting is safe.

The truth is that the safety of the diet will depend on a number of different factors. Consider the following things if you are considering a liquid diet for your weight loss.

Does the Diet Provide All of The Daily Requirements?

The Food and Drug Administration has set forth a set of guidelines which state what is required for a healthy life. This guidelined sets forth a list of the number of calories required, the vitamins needed, and the minerals necessary for health.

If these guidelines are not followed, it is possible to become susceptible to illness, or develop certain medical conditions. For example, vitamins provide nutrients essential for healthy skin, eyes, and teeth.

Without calcium you may develop week teeth or cavities. Without vitamin E the skin may become dry, scaly or even begin to wrinkle. If you are going to try out a liquid diet, you will want to make sure it contains all the nutrients required to stay healthy.

Will the Liquid Diet Provide Long Term Relief?

While a liquid diet may provide quick relief in losing weight, it may not provide the long term benefits you are looking for. If you lose the weight, and go back to your normal eating habits, you may quickly put the pounds back on.

The only true way to keep the pounds off is to completely change your lifestyle. After all, maintaining your weight comes down to burning more calories than you consume. If you eat a sensible diet, and exercise regularly, you can keep the pounds off.

A liquid diet may help you to lose weight, and break any unhealthy habits you have. If you use a liquid diet to kick off your new lifestyle, it could be beneficial.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Liquid Diets?

Whether or not the liquid diet you choose will have side effects, depends on what it contains. If the liquid diet contains weight loss stimulants, you may experience a sense of unease, or shakiness.

In addition, if the liquid contains too few nutrients or calories, you could develop severe side effects. Some diets will not contain enough calories for daily functions.

You could end up with brittle fingernails, hair loss, fatigue, or even dizziness. If the liquid diet is not appealing in taste, you may experience nausea or upset stomach from drinking it.

If you do decide to use a liquid diet for kicking off your weight loss campaign, you will want to make sure it is healthy. You will also want to be prepared to change your lifestyle and eating habits after losing the weight, so you do not yo-yo back and forth, between gaining weight, and losing it.