Liquid Diet And How It Works

A lot of those actively seeking to lose weight have at least heard that going on a liquid diet is an option to do so.

Liquid diets, however were never meant to be brought to the public in this light.

Its purpose was initially medical in nature, used as a pre operative preparation for cleansing the gastrointestinal tract and served as a post operative link until patients could tolerate a full meal. This is true especially in cases of abdominal surgeries.

Whether it was because someone observed the effects of liquid diet on lessening weight or someone’s ingenuity simply pulled through out of sheer desperation, liquid diet eventually became a part of the many options for weight reduction.

While many are convinced of its effectiveness there are also certain effects for which people who choose to go with this option should be aware of. This is to be aware how liquid diet eventually turns into solid fat if care should not be taken.

Drastically jumping to it

Seeing only your need to lose weight and lose it fast results to deciding then and there to drastically change your diet. And what could be a better way to not go starving but still reduce the amount of calories than to turn to liquid diet?

When you go into liquid diet you are reducing your usual caloric intake per day to a minimum. Positive side offers the given fact that you lose weight. But what we should know is that it also has a negative long term effect.

When calories are suddenly reduced to small amounts, your body’s metabolism becomes sluggish to save energy. And in the long run this might not be restored to its normal rate of metabolism, increasing more the chances of you being more prone to weight gain than before.

Going in undecided

Some people want to go in and just try out liquid diet for a change. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with changing your hair color once a week either, it will just make it dry and frizzled and lose its natural moisture eventually.

Consistency is what your body needs. It is how it gains equilibrium to not go awry. Going into liquid diet for the first week and then skipping for another week because you can’t stand it may not be a very wise thing to do.

It leads your metabolism to confusion and as a result slows it down and burn fat slower than it used to. This is not saying that you stick to liquid diet forever – that in itself is also not a very advisable thing to do.

Instead be wise and opt for combinations that your body could tolerate. Decide which meal during the day you are going to replace with liquid, will it be two meals or one? Then stick to it for at least permanently until the time that you don’t need to continue on with it anymore, each time gradually introducing the necessary changes.