LA Weight Loss Diet Plan: Features and Drawbacks

The LA weight loss diet plan can sound attractive to many of us: it promises fast and easy weight lossbased on counseling and the structuring of personalized weight loss plans. Add to this the fact that thisweight loss plan is associated with the glamor and celebrities of Hollywood and it becomes all the more attractive!


What is the LA weight loss diet plan?

On the official website of LA Weight Loss, you are first asked what your goal is: do you want to lose weight for some upcoming event, do you want to get into shape by the time summer comes around, do you want to lose weight and keep it off, or do you just want to develop healthy eating habits?

The diet plan then offers to customize a plan for you that has personalized menu plansincluding foods you may buy from the supermarket as well as supplements and proprietary foods sold by the company. These include juices, nutritional supplements, snacks, bars and so on.

When you opt for the LA weight loss dietplan, you have access to meetings with counselors, menu plans customized to your requirement, recipes, newsletters and otherweight loss support that you may need.

People who sign up for the program are required to give details about their current diet and the questionnaires are also designed to elicit information about whether one turns to food in times of stress.

Salient features of the LA weight loss plan

Amount of sodium per day is limited. Sugary snacks and sweets are barred during the weight lossphase and reintroduced gradually during the maintenance phase. Limited amounts of alcohol and caffeine are allowed.

You get instructions on what to do each day. There are three phases of the LA weight loss diet plan:weight loss is the first phase that concentrates on diet alteration, changing one’s mindset and getting more active. This phase is followed by a stabilization phase followed by the maintenance phase that is designed to keep the weight off.

The aim is to structure a balanced diet with the help of portion limitations (rather than calorie restriction) to lose weight safely. No food is banned completely but there is to be moderation in everything.

Drawbacks of the LA weight loss diet plan

One of the things that receive the most criticism about this weight loss plan is that it can be expensive. There is the weekly fee that is levied. Then there is the fact that the company plugs their own proprietary food: snacks, shakes, bars, supplements and other products that one has to buy and this can add up to quite significant amounts. These products are recommended by the counselors during consultations.

Another drawback of the LA weight loss diet plan is the fact that counselors are not always trained nutritionists, counselors or fitness experts; but often former clients of the company who received training from the company. This limits the kind of support, encouragement and advice they can offer and makes them salespersons for the company rather than counselors.