Cranberry Juice Diet: Everything you need to Know

Let’s face it; most of us are obsessed about losing weight or getting into the right shape. Due to this very reason, many new and interesting diet programs are coming up and one among them is Cranberry juice diet.  Cranberry juice diet is a kind of a diet which involves consumption of cranberry juice.

There are many health benefits of adopting this diet and the number 1 benefit is loss in weight.  There are two main ways to incorporate this diet: the first one involves incorporating the juice into the normal diet and the second one is drinking the juice for one to three days. To know more about Cranberry Juice diet, you can read the following given information.

cranberry juice dietBenefits of Cranberry Juice Diet

  • There are many benefits of trying out the Cranberry juice diet and one of them is increasing the metabolism and converting the fat into energy. As this happens, one tends to lose weight.
  • Another major benefit of cranberry juice diet is reduction of E-coli and other types of harmful bacteria from our body and this in turn leads to detoxification from harmful substances that tend to accumulate over a period of time.
  • Following cranberry juice diet can also lead to the destruction of the various strains of virus as well as the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections.
  • Trying out this diet also leads to promotion of good cholesterol and improving the overall digestive health.

What does the Diet Involve?

  • Cranberry juice diet involves drinking of six 8 ounces glasses per day. But it is recommended that one must not follow the diet for more than 3 days.
  • This is a form of fasting in which you are only allowed to have one other liquid and that is water.
  • If one experiences side effects such as headache, abdominal bloating, pain and diarrhea, then the diet must be immediately stopped.
  • In order to prepare for cranberry juice diet, one must make it a point to reduce and even eliminate alcohol intake, nicotine consumption and also the consumption of caffeine and sugar atleast a week before the diet begins.
  • One must also reduce the intake of fatty foods as well as dairy products a few days before the diet is supposed to start.
  • The better and more ideal way to adopt this diet is to fast and detoxify the body by drinking only juice for a day or two.