Juice Diet For Losing More Pounds Within Short Period!

Juice DietYou can consider juice diet as the detox diet because juice diet does not involve any type of solid foods.

For following juice diet, you have to take only raw vegetables, fruit juice and water. This juice diet is the good source of vitamins and antioxidants as it involves only juice.

You can cleanse your body and improve your metabolism [Boosting Metabolism] for long term with the help of juice diet as juice diet is like a fast diet.

Weight loss takes place by following juice diet as you get lack of calories and your system is flushed. You should not follow old eating habits after completion of juice diet. If you follow old eating habits, then you will gain original weight as this diet will provides water weight.

How you have to follow juice diet?

You can follow this diet by replacing your food consumption with fruit and vegetable juices. You should do this for five days. While you are following this diet, you have to choose 100% good juices such as pineapple, carrots or celery.

If you follow this diet by taking freshly prepared juices, then you can gain best results of weight loss. When you follow this diet, drink lots of water.

Amount of weight lost on a juice diet:

You can lose your weight rapidly by following this diet. If you continue following this juice diet, you can lose three – four pounds every day. If you continue the same, then average loss will be one pound per day.

If you follow 30-day juice fast, then you can change your life by losing 30-40 pounds. When you first follow this juice diet, you can improve self respect and hence discipline becomes your life style.

By following juice diet,

  • You will start dressing better
  • Your confidence is exposed
  • You will become more organized and more at peace
  • You will be more enthusiastic in relationships.

Beware of the following before following juice diet:

  • This diet should not be tried by pregnant or nursing women or children.
  • This fast should not be tried if you are suffering with diabetes, eating disorders, kidney disease, malnutrition, impaired immune function, under weight, infection, nutritional deficiency, low blood pressure, cancer, terminal illness or any other chronic conditions.
  • Before or after surgical actions, you shouldn’t try juice fast.
  • This fasting changes the way of prescription drugs reaction in your body because of condensed blood proteins.

Some of the temporary side effects involved with juice diet are hypoglycemia, tiredness, constipation, body odor, and bad breath.

But during this diet period, you will have little energy and it is not healthy to go on liquid diet for much length of time. You should not make this diet as the long term practice.

You will be susceptible to head aches and reduced energy, while your body gets rid of harmful toxins during this diet. You should consult the doctor before following juice diet.