It’s Not Which Diet, It’s Being On One That Matters

dietingA large scale study on the various methods of dieting proved that whatever diet one is following, the important issue lies in the fact that one is counting and keeping busy with something and not, which kind of diet one has taken up.

The study involved a large number of participants, who were divided into four groups and given four different types of diets to follow.

These diets all reduced their calorie intake of about 750 calories per day, and varied on the type of foods they eliminated, be it low carbohydrate, low fat or even low animal protein.

At the end of two years each group had lost or gained weight in equal percentages, and about 15 percent of the people in all four groups managed to lose up to 10 percent of their total body mass, although after one year most of them returned to their previous eating habits.

The aim of this research was to demonstrate that people could lose weight as long as the calorie intake is decreased and that any diet will be efficient no matter what method is used.

This allows people to choose any diet that may suit their lifestyles and tastes, without having to suffer through needless torture or useless cuts. Although counseling sessions proved to be useful for some of the dieters, not all of them needed counseling to lose weight.

Studies must still be conducted in order to determine what psychological or social factors help people stick to diets and which are those that lead people astray.