How To Lose Fat With The Zone Diet?

Weight Loss TipsHow to get rid of excess fat? This is the question which comes in almost all of our minds.

If you want to lose your weight slowly and wants to maintain an ideal body weight, the zone diet may be the best way.

While following the zone diet you are suggested to lose weight, burn fat, experience less fatigue, control hunger, and feel healthier overall.

The zone diet will also teach why healthy eating is so important. Starving yourself is not a part of this diet plan.

You are suggested to eat three meals a day and two snacks in between in order to satisfy your hunger.

The main aim of the zone diet is keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. By doing like this you will greatly improve your health and eating habits.

Controlling your blood sugar levels help in adjusting your meal time. You will know that giving a gap between each meal and eating smaller proportions is the right way to eat. You will achieve hormonal balance by eating each skillfully prepared meal.

The zone diet comprises specific proportions such as, carbohydrates – 40 percent, fat – 30 percent and proteins – 30 percent. The foods which control the production of insulin are best to consume.

When you are in zone diet you need to follow recipes with low-carbohydrate content, and the protein content will always be less than the carbohydrates.

This permits you to acquire greater amount of energy from carbohydrates than from fats and proteins. You will feel better and more comfortable with your diet plan and you will be on your way to healthier living.

Benefits of the zone diet:

Most of you prefer to be in the zone because,

  • Not only the zone diet is beneficial in weight loss but also there are many benefits of the zone diet. They include: better health, improved energy, and enhanced mental clarity.
  • The zone diet is a great way for type II diabetic patients.
  • The zone diet suppresses your appetite as well as urge to eat.

How the zone diet helps to lose weight?

The zone diet includes the consumption of more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates produce greater amounts of insulin and a hormone to build nutrients.

This excess insulin converts those carbohydrates into fat and stores them in your buttocks, gut, thighs and in some fat storage areas.

However, proteins show the conflicting effects which mix the hormone glucagon, which informs your body to release carbohydrates that pile up in the liver. When your body is freed from carbohydrates, the brain informs your body to stop eating since the energy needs are satisfied.

As a result, you need to limit the intake of carbohydrates and balance them at every meal with 3-4 ounces of low-fat protein to balance the insulin and glucose levels. This helps to control your hunger with little amount of calories. Hence you will lose fat and weight.

In this way the zone diet works for you. But before following any dietary plan it is better to consult your doctor.