How To Live Healthier And More Energized Life? Sonoma Diet Is An Effective Option!

Sonoma DietWant to lose weight without avoiding any foods?  Looking for a simple diet plan, but with more constitution than some low carb diet plans?

Here is a secret behind Sonoma diet to lose weight forever and to maintain a healthier body. This may be the diet plan what you are looking for.

When you are in Sonoma diet, then you don’t need to avoid any foods. There is no need to consider any low calorie foods and special foods ordered online.

Sonoma diet is completely different from all other diets as it does not put any demands on your food intake and it allows you to truly enjoy your meals.

You will lose weight by enjoying your meals and a wide variety of foods and flavors.

During the first stage of the Sonoma diet you will lose pounds rapidly. After this stage your weight loss will slowly decrease until you reach your target weight. With some diets you can achieve your target weight and after that they leave you in normal weight.

Before you know this, again you will gain all your weight back and sometimes more. But Sonoma diet will allow this to happen for you. This plan will set your eating habits for the rest of your life.

Sonoma diet is a plan which attempts to control portion sizes, limits your caloric intake and encourages you to cook and appreciate the food. This plan is “the most flavorful weight loss plan under the sun”.

The Sonoma diet suggests 10 foods called as power foods. They include: almonds, blueberries, bell peppers, spinach, grapes, tomatoes, olive oil, whole grains, strawberries, and also allows for a daily glass of wine.

This diet consists of tasty fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals, white meat, lean red meat, pork, eggs, non-fat dairy, fish and soybeans.

You can also use olive oil and nuts as the main source of fat. One good thing about this diet is that you can use all the herbs and spices you want to flavor these healthy and delicious foods.

There are three phases of Sonoma diet, such as: restrictive phase, main weight loss phase, and lifelong maintenance phase. Whether this diet is suitable for you or not depends completely on your personality.

This diet is suitable for you only when you are a kind of person who enjoys spending a lot of time in buying the food items at grocery store, spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen in preparing your meal.

If you want to prepare an easy and quick meal with insufficient ingredients then this may be a bit more difficult for you to follow.

Benefits of Sonoma diet:

  • You are allowed to eat a balanced diet plan.
  • Sonoma diet is derived from Mediterranean food that helps in protecting heart diseases and various other chronic diseases for years.
  • Importance will be given to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Slowly relishing your food is the style of Sonoma diet and not merely rushing and swallowing it down.

There are some drawbacks with Sonoma diet. It can be very expensive to buy the foods which come under this diet plan. It is time-intensive, restraining and it didn’t tell the right decision about incorporating regular exercise along with your diet.

Remember that, Sonoma diet will not be suitable for those who are unwilling or unable to spend a significant amount of time on food and meal preparation. If you want to follow this diet plan it is better to consult your doctor. He may suggest you the best.