High Protein Diet – An Enhancement To Your Body’s Vitality And Weight Loss

High Protein DietHow to lose extra pounds? A high protein diet will help you by suppressing your appetite and reducing your cravings to over eat.

A normal American eats double the amount of proteins than what he is really required.

Don’t get confused with the name high protein diet; it is nothing but low or no carb diet.

In recent days all the fad diets which were determined as unhealthy were avoided. Whatever goals you can set, but everyone can be beneficial by following a high protein diet plan and eating the foods which are high in protein content.

Your goal may be gaining weight, increasing your muscle strength, losing weight, losing fat, or staying slim and trim, this high protein diet is right for you.

For these goals you need to consume 0.6 to 1.5g of protein per pound of your body weight per day. Men will lose the weight up to 6-8 pounds within two weeks after starting the diet plan and women will lose 4-6 pounds.

Want to know what high protein diet is! It is simply what it refers. The main difference is that, though it is high in protein content it also has limitation on the amount of carbs that you consume.

If you won’t limit the carbohydrate intake, but you will continue eating high protein diet then you won’t lose any weight. If you limit the carbohydrate intake and you replace those carbs with the calories from proteins then you will definitely lose weight.

Food sources for high protein diet:

Everybody needs high protein diet at all stages of their life to perform bodily functions. Proteins are the major components for all the cells, together with muscles and bones.

You can find these proteins in: all dairy products such as milk and cheese, beef, beans, chicken, fish, egg whites, lean meat, nuts, and turkey.

If you are a vegetarian and if you know perfectly how to design a proper diet then you can get more than a plenty of daily protein ingestion only by drinking milk, eating yogurt and cheese, even if you don’t eat eggs, fish and meat.

If you are on a high protein diet then you will get 34 percent of the total calories from proteins and up to 53 percent of energy from fats.

Benefits of high protein diet:

  • High protein diets greatly aids in weight loss.
  • Consuming large amount of protein will aid in muscle building and a variety of different tissues.
  • High protein diet is necessary in your body building and weight management.
  • The woman who is on high protein diet will greatly lose weight around the belly areas.
  • This diet helps in maintaining healthy pancreas.

So, till now you knew how proteins are important for a healthier body. Not only proteins are required for a healthier body but also carbohydrates.

Human body mainly runs on carbohydrates which are the main source of energy whereas proteins are needed to build and maintain muscle tone and the carbohydrates give the essential energy to run those muscles on which they can be made and reinforced.

Once you ingest proteins into your body they can be converted into energy. This process is ineffective and it produces toxins as it is transforming proteins to glucose. This result in becoming irritated, exhausted, and sluggish.

If you follow the high protein diet in conjunction with exercise (Weight Loss Exercise Program) then they both correct your body’s composition and you will lose more weight and stored fats.

Risks associated with high protein diet:

Consuming the high protein diets may increase the risk of renal breakdown and also develops kidney problems in people who already have kidney diseases. This diet can also worsen the problem of hepatic encephalopathy.

Till now you came to know what high protein diet is. If you are decided to follow this diet plan it is better to consult your doctor to know whether it is suitable for you or not. This may not be the fastest way to lose weight, but it is the healthiest and most stable way to weight loss.