HCG Diet Plan For Those Who Want To Lose Weight With HCG Hormone Therapy!

hcg dietAre you interested in losing weight with hCG hormone therapy?

Then it is very essential for you to follow a special hCG diet as well.

If you combine a low calorie diet with your hCG hormone therapy, then you can enjoy fabulous results in losing those extra pounds of your body.

Whenever you go on a hCG diet, your body typically experiences certain amazing transformations.

You can not only experience a substantial weight loss, but in fact the outline or shape of your body changes.

In addition to this, your body will try to reprogram itself in different ways, like your hypothalamus will tend to make adjustments with your body metabolic rate when you are on hCG diet.

These specific changes in your body are very essential for you to lose weight, particularly when you are on hCG diet program.

hCG diet plan!

The hCG diet which is usually followed with hCG hormone therapy for weight loss mainly includes a 500 calorie diet plan. Recently there have been certain changes made to the basic hCG diet plan. But, in fact the original hCG diet plan can mainly include:

When you are on hCG diet, your breakfast must include a cup of tea or coffee without adding any sugar to it. Instead of sugar, you can use saccharin or stevia. Always remember, only one tablespoon of milk is allowed in 24 hours and you must not eat anything except having a cup of tea or coffee in your breakfast.

In your lunch, you can include 100gms of veal, fresh white fish, beef, chicken breast, shrimp, lobster or shrimp. Try to eliminate all the visible fat on the meat before cooking and remember that meat must be weighed raw. The meat can be boiled or grilled without adding any fat to it. Never try to include salmon, tuna, dried or pickled fish or eel in your lunch.

Spinach, tomatoes, red radishes, cucumber, chard, chicory, fennel, asparagus, celery, green salads, beet-green are certain vegetables which can be included in your hCG diet. You can include any one type of these vegetables in your lunch.

One bread stick and an apple or a handful of strawberries can be included in your lunch. In fact, you can eat fruit or bread stick between meals instead of having them with your lunch or dinner.

The same choices which you have made in your lunch can be repeated even for your dinner.

A juice of one lemon every day is usually allowed for all purposes. For seasoning, you can add salt, pepper, garlic, sweet basil, thyme, vinegar, majoram, etc. Try to avoid oil or butter for seasoning [Juice diet].

Tea, coffee, and pure water are the only drinks allowed in your hCG diet. You can take these drinks in any measures, at all times. All those persons who are on hCG diet are usually advised to drink 2 liters of these fluids in a day.

These are the foods which are primarily included in hCG diet plan. Try to know more about the major variations done to this particular hCG diet plan and then try to make necessary changes in your diet by seeking a better advice from your personal dietician.