Pros and Cons of Green Tea Diet

China can be identified as the originator of green tea utilizing the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Green tea is mostly popular in eastern countries like Japan, Thailand and India. Due to its widely accepted usefulness, green tea is used in various edible forms such as dietary supplements, cosmetics, beverages, health foods and others. The benefits of green tea incorporation in your diet can be discussed subsequently.

pros and cons of green tea diet

Advantages of Green Tea

  • Green tea can be considered as cancer preventive antioxidant. It contains 100 times more effective cancer preventive capacity that vitamin C and 24 times than vitamin E.
  • Green tea helps to reduce heart diseases such as stroke as it assist you to lessen cholesterol level in your body. It can put a stop to cell death during heart attack which may speed up your heart cells recovery.
  • The antioxidant property of green tea has the capability to fight against free radicals that can cause cancer, blood clots by effecting DNA and atherosclerosis. It can also be helpful to prevent ageing for which it is used in various cosmetic products.
  • Regular incorporation of green tea in your diet can be helpful for you to lose weight through burning 70 calories in one day. It also increases metabolism rate naturally.
  • Green tea can protect brain cells from dying. It also reduces the risk of deterioration which is the result of Alzheimer disease by restoring damaged brain cells.

Disadvantages of Green Tea

Inspite of the above advantages of green tea, some disadvantages are also been identified subsequently.

  • The component named as tannin of green tea decreases the ability of your body for the absorption of folic acid and iron. As these two elements are essential during pregnancy, you need to be cautious at that period of time.
  • Liver and kidney can get damaged due to excessive intake of green tea. The supplements of green tea in this regard are more injurious than single cup of green tea as those contain more polyphenols.
  • Presence of caffeine in green tea can give birth to various symptoms such as heart palpitation, restlessness, sleeping problems, tremors, loss of appetite especially if taken in the empty stomach in the morning, irritation etc.
  • Pregnant woman should avoid intake of green tea as it can affect the growth of the baby and complications may occur like premature birth, sometimes fatal death, low birth weight etc.