Studying the Effects of Green Tea – Its Role in Weight Loss and Corresponding Side Effects

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green tea, as is known to most of us, is generally used as a beverage that has certain health benefits. Among the effects green tea has on our health, its ability to enable weight loss is perhaps the most distinct one. Many studies and customer reviews have made the fact further pronounced and believable.

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However, there have been many a cases wherein side effects of green tea weight loss have been experienced. Here, we would like to bring before some common and some lesser known facts about green tea and the benefits it provides, as well as the various risks that come along with the product.

Given below are some of the facts related to the content of green tea:

  • The Camellia sinensis plant is the producer for green tea. Although the plant produces other forms of tea such as the oolong tea, black tea, etc., green tea is different for it does not undergo any fermentation.
  • The green tea is actually formed from the fresh leaves of the plant and steaming them at specific high temperatures.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea provides certain other benefits apart from helping in reducing weight. Some of them have been listed below:

  • It helps increase body metabolism rate.
  • It is believed that green tea has certain special effects in fighting cancer by preventing the growth of cancer cells.
  • Osteoporosis, joint problems, arthritis, etc. are well treated by green tea to a large extent.
  • It also helps provide relief form gum problems.
  • Diabetes patients and also those suffering from low blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, heart or lung problems, kidney stones, or dermatological problems are often suggested to have certain amounts of green tea.

Side Effects of Green Tea Weight Loss

Although green tea has been reported to serve with a lot of health advantages, many people have been found to have problems having green tea as part of their diets. It is primarily owing to the caffeine content in green tea that many drinkers face problems such as stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. Some of the commonly observed side effects caused due to green tea include:

  • Unusual formation of cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and related effects are often experienced after having consumed green tea for a considerable time.
  • Pregnant women are strictly advised to stay away from green tea as well as the supplements of green tea.
  • It is generally advised not to have green tea for a long stretch and discontinue with the habit after a certain span of time.

It is best to clearly understand body type and the digestive properties of the individual before opting for green tea consumption as a weight loss mechanism. You may visit the links given below to get images of the said topic: