Grapes Diet Or Get Thinner In 4 Days

graape dietThere has been a buzz over the grape diet. Simply put, you eat grapes and nothing else except for water for four days and you will lose weight.

The science behind it says that the antioxidants in the grapes will help detoxify your body, while increasing your metabolism.

It has been shown that people on the grape diet have lost weight with fast results. There are claims that the grape diet helps lower high blood pressure as well as other ailments.

Grapes are known to have a slight laxative effect, which may be another one of the reasons you lose weight on the diet.

When choosing between red or green grapes, it is found that red grapes contain more nutritional value than green grapes; however, both can be used for the grape diet.

Both red and green grapes contain antioxidants and nutrients good for your body, although the deep red skin on red and purple grapes has a higher percentage.

The grape diet is great for quick weight loss results only if you plan on doing it for four days. Any span longer than that may lead to malnourishment and may cause unhealthy side effects toward your body.

The only unpleasant side effect that may come up after this diet is that after eating nothing but grapes you may feel overwhelmed at the sight of them.