Go On A Lemon Detox Diet The Fun Way

Lemon detox diet is a 7-10 continuous day intake of nothing but the juice of lemon lime and pepper mixed with syrup made from organic trees such as palm and maple.

This has become a very popular choice of people who wants to remove up to 12 to 20 pounds in two weeks.

If there is one thing that lemon detox diet cannot do is that it cannot prevent you from thinking about food. Of course it offers the needed calories for you not to go hungry and starving, but as far as the mind of a person used to eating food is concerned, it can only go as far as that.

That is why it is important that before starting lemon detox diet you have to condition your mind on how to make that 7-10 day experience more enjoyable for you.

Here are ways of making a lemon detox diet a more enjoyable experience:

Prepare your body

Lemon detox diet is like going into liquid fasting. Do not eat a whole bunch of food at 12 midnight just before the day you decide to go on fasting; otherwise your body will react like a 3rd grade pupil fed with 7th grade lessons, it will not understand what changes have occurred and react to it negatively. Headache was never one of the motivational factors in losing weight.

5 days before, you may want to start getting used to a piece of bread per meal, instead of the usual 2 or three. Two days before going into lemon detox diet, you may want to get used to taking in soup alone, depending on how your body will react to it.

Going through diets the easier way makes it more enjoyable and you have better chances to continue on with it.

Diet Buddies

Remember the time when you could stand the teachers and their difficult lessons for the whole day just because you were seatmates with your best friend? Same thing goes with lemon detox dieting.

Ask a friend who is also struggling with his or her weight to go on a lemon detox diet with you. Dieting is more enjoyable and can be made more effective if you have a partner to do it with.

It will always be encouraging to be with people who share the same visions with you, in this case the vision of not wanting to be fat anymore. This will also motivate you to take your mind off of food.

Finish the way you started

There’s no better way to make a lemon detox diet a more enjoyable experience than to avoid a traumatizing ending to it.

Having your body worked up to get used to the fact that it has not ingested any food for the past 10 days needs to be worked up as well with preparing it to receive it again. The keyword here is gradual. Gradual introduction of whatever changes is what your body needs.