Genetic Testing Could Tell What Is The Best Diet For You

dietHaven’t you often wondered why a particular diet will work spectacularly well for one person and then fail just as spectacularly for another?

Well this study talks about exactly why and attempts to demystify the whole low-carb versus low-fat debate.

The fact is that each of us is genetically programmed differently so that a different kind of diet works for each of us. Researchers from the Stanford University reported that genetic tests could help determine whether it was a low carb or a low fat diet that was right for a particular person.

In the study that spanned one year, 133 overweight women with a predisposition to benefit from a low carb diet were studied. They lost two and a half times more weight than others who did not have the same predisposition but were on the same diet.

In the same way, women who had a predisposition to losing weight when on a low fat diet lost more weight when on a low fat diet. These factors or predispositions are determined by three genes which are understood to control and regulate the metabolizing of carbs and fats.

This test was developed by Interleukin Genetics Inc., and uses a cheek swab to obtain cells for DNA analysis, and is available for purchase for $149.

Source: wsj