Top 8 Foods that Fight against Cellulite

Cellulite or gynoid lipodystrophy, is a condition in which fat is deposited underneath the skin and it is visible and gives dimpled effect. Cellulite can be seen in any parts of the body, it mainly seen in legs, hips, thighs, etc. Right from your friend to celebrities, every women on this planet deals with cellulite. Cellulite occurs more than 80% of the total woman population and it is seen less in men’s.

Top 8 Foods that Fight against Cellulite

Powerful foods to fight cellulite

There are many factors that cause cellulite such as hormonal imbalance, excess weight, excess estrogens, diabetic, etc. Stress can also lead to cellulite; however including certain foods in your diet is the best cellulite treatment. Here discussed are the foods, which can fight cellulite.

  • Lemons

Citrus fruits can boost collagen (protein present in the connective tissues) levels in the blood. Vitamin C can strengthen the connective tissues and reduces cellulite. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, which can clean liver, it also which can reduce the estrogens levels. By this your thighs, legs look good. Along with lemons, you can also include other Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, berries, pineapple, etc.

  • Avocado

Avocado is one of the best fruit for maintaing insulin levels in the body and keeps you away from cellulite. This exotic fruit is packed with full of folate and potassium. However, this fruit is rich in fat but, also provides good amounts of fiber. The fats present in avocado are MUFA and PUFA these are healthy fats which can keep you away from various heart diseases.

  • Red Wine

Resveratrol present in red wine have special anti-aging properties, along with this it can also reduce the estrogen levels and fight against cellulite. By consuming red wine or grapes with skin is good to reduce cellulite. You can also consume resveratrol supplements, available in market.

  • Nuts

Raw nuts have anti-estrogenic compounds. They
contain sterols, which can block the absorption of bad cholesterol. This compound increases hormones in women and men, which can balance estrogens activity. You can include various nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts, etc.

  • Green Tea

Everyone knows green tea contains good amounts of antioxidants which will keep your body healthy and fit. Research has found that it can reduce fat and improve metabolism. Reducing weight is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite.

  • Garlic

Garlic, onion are the members of allium family, they are very popular for its medicinal properties. They can reduce the insulin levels in the body, by this it can fight against cellulite. Including raw onion, garlic in salads is the best to grab all the healthy benefits.

  • Cheese

Cheese contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), this can lower estrogens levels naturally. You can also find them in butter, cow’s milk, etc. If you are obese, make sure you are not including excess in your diet it may have risk of insulin resistance.

  • Cucumber

One of the causes for cellulite is hydration. Drinking enough water is important, but along with water you can also include foods rich in water content such as cucumber, watermelon, tomato, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, celery, pineapple, etc.

However, there is no complete cure to banish cellulite, but by including few foods can minimize the risk and can minimise the appearance. Try these top 8 foods by including them in your diet and get rid of cellulite.