Know all About Stewardess Diet

Stewardess diet is popular as one of most effective weight loss diets, which dates back to 1950. This diet is also known as the sacred heart hospital diet and it is advisable to consult with your dietician before starting this diet.

Immense weight loss is promoted as part of this diet, yet it might not provide the required nutrients to your body. It is not guaranteed that the weight loss that you accomplish through this diet lasts even after you go back to your normal diet.

know all about Stewardess Diet

What is a Stewardess Diet?

The major component in this diet is cabbage soup and you need to stick to the quantities recommended as per the diet. On the first day of this diet plan, your diet is inclusive of cabbage soup combined with water, cranberry juice, any fruit except banana and tea without sugar. On day two, you can include nonstarchy vegetables and buttered baked potato along with the cabbage soup.

Third day you can eat fruits and vegetables along with soup and on fourth day, you can have skim milk and up to eight bananas along with the soup. On fifth day you can opt for 10 to 20 ounces of skinless chicken or beef, up to six tomatoes and one bowl of soup. Sixth day you can have nonstarchy vegetables with meat and on final day you opt for brown rice, nonstarchy veggies, unsweetened juice along with soup.

Diet Duration

It is not advisable to prolong this diet for more than a week, as it doesn’t include necessary nutrients and is lacking required number of calories as well. In order to maintain the weight loss that you get in this diet, it is best to follow a healthy, low-calorie diet. This diet should include the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Weight Loss in Calories

Although the exact number of calories you lose in this diet depends on the quantity of, allowed foods that you are consuming, the stewardess diet is extremely low calorie.  It usually contains only up to 800 calories or less and the weight that you lose is most due to water weight. Hence if you go back to your normal diet, chances are that you gain all those lost weight.

Facts to Consider Before Diet

An important point to consider while undergoing this diet is the lack of necessary nutrients in it. You may feel hungry and tired throughout the day and have difficulty in concentrating. It is advisable to follow a diet plan, which is inclusive of necessary nutrients from all food groups.