5 Foods That Help in Getting Flat Abs

Ask the definition of a perfect physique from anyone and the answer you would get is—Six pack abs; those three pairs of stacked blocks of abdominal muscles those ripped fitness models boastfully display. Every man and woman desire for flat abs. In order to achieve a flat stomach and a trimmed waistline, we often see people doing a plethora of abs exercises in the gym like crunches, leg raises, sit twists, etc.

However, these exercises work only in the final stages of developing abs muscles. You first need to work on the layer of fat which is enveloping your stomach. And, fat can only be reduced by eating clean. Ab muscles are apart of human anatomy, and you just need to drop your body fat percentage below a certain figure to make them visible.

The basic fat burning formula is eating fewer calories than you need. Eating less doesn’t mean starving; it means eating the right food in the right amount.

5 Foods that can Help in Getting Abs

We have listed down below our top 5 foods which will help you to burn that stubborn fat hanging around your belly:

1. Eggs

When you are in caloric deficit, you want your body to use your stored fat as an energy source. But your body often starts eating your muscle instead of fat. For this reason, you must provide your body the lean sources of protein. Eggs are the best lean source of protein it provides you with Branched chain amino acids which are the building blocks of muscles.

However, egg yolk has lot of fat and hence, a lot of calories. You can take 1-2 whole egg in a day and remaining egg whites. Having enough lean protein in your diet will maintain your muscle mass and melt down the stored fat. You can eat them as boiled eggs or as omlete and scrambled eggs.

2. Greens

When you eat fewer calories, your stomach would feel empty all the time, which will then compel you to eat more. For this reason, you must include a lot of fibres in your diet which will make you feel full. Fibre also helps in digestion.

Greens like spinach, cabbage, lettuce leaves, cucumber, and broccoli have ample fibre. They are very less in calories and high in fibre. In addition to these, they are rich in vitamins and minerals as well. You can include them in your lunch and dinner.

3. Nuts

When you are in a fat loss diet, you keep yourself away from fats. But you should also need to know that you need 10%-20% of you total calories as fats, which should be good fats. Nuts like peanut, almond, walnuts are brilliant source of good fats. They are also rich in fibre which fills up your stomach.

Only thing you need to keep in mind is to control the quantity of nuts you consume in a day as they are high in calories. You can have them as snacks or add in salad, too.

4. Whole grains

Certain coaches reduce the carbs intake to zero in a fat loss diet. It is good for short term but not for long term. You need to give your body reasonable amount of carbs as they are rich in fibre. Whole grains like Quinoa, Oats and brown rice are rich in fibre, which would help in the digestion of the food you eat.

5. Apple

Our brain demands sugar. When you are in a fat loss diet, you cut down sugar from your diet. In this case, your brain will crave for sugar even more. Apple can be beneficial as it has all natural sugar. Apart from it, it is also rich in fibre and has anti-oxidants properties. The saying ‘an apple a day keep the doctor away’ never gets old.

Shredding fat doesn’t depend only on a single thing, or a few things for that matter. It depends upon what you eat, right from waking up to going to bed.

These are out top 5 picks of food items you must include in your daily diet. There are tons of other items as well which you should add, like chicken breast, soya, berries, beans, green tea, etc.

There is only one way to burn fat, fixing your nutrition! Select the right food and it will burn the stubborn fat which is standing between you and your dream—flat abs!