Fast Weight Loss Guaranteed With Cabbage Diet Recipe

As more people want to lose weight, weight loss diets are also on the rise.

You can find hundreds of diets, which all guarantee to help you shed off weight and make you feel good about your body.

One of these is the cabbage diet recipe which includes consumption of the green leafy vegetables daily for seven days.

The cabbage diet recipe has become the latest, most popular buzz term among many dieters around the world. It has gained a reputation as a fast way to shed unwanted pounds, in a very small period of time.

The cabbage diet recipe allows you to eat as much of the low calorie, fat-burning cabbage soup as you want. This helps eliminate food cravings and give you the feeling of fullness.

Effects of the cabbage diet recipe

However, like many fad diets, the cabbage diet recipe also has side effects. Following it will allow you to lose as much as 15 pounds in a week, although nutritionists state that healthy weight loss is more on the lines of 5 pounds per month.

In addition, they also state that the weight lost on the diet is simply water weight and therefore not permanent.

There are also reports of those who have tried the cabbage diet recipe of feeling weak, fatigued, and light-headed, which is probably due to the fact that the recipe is lacking in several crucial food groups and nutrients while being high on sodium.

Other side effects commonly reported include migraines, flatulence, inability to focus and concentrate, and mood swings.

Meanwhile, dieters are unable to incorporate exercise while on it since it makes them too tired to do so.

Your body lacks some essential nutrients and your inactivity will make you weak. In addition, the diet’s extreme nature also makes it difficult for many to follow for the entire seven days.

Remember that the cabbage recipe diet is a crash diet which strictly imposes eating cabbage soup and other limited fruits only. It must be strictly followed for one week and is not intended to be a lifetime eating habit.

Make your cabbage diet recipe work

Having said that, yes it is possible to lose 10-15 pounds a week with the cabbage diet recipe. It can be used as a head start to a healthier weight-loss program; one that provides ample nutrients as well as energy for work and exercise.

Given that the diet works yet through an unhealthy premise, one can take a healthier approach on the diet. You can do this by doing the cabbage diet recipe two to three times a year, for one week at a time.

Your stomach will shrink each time, making your appetite much smaller than usual. After each diet week, make sure to replenish your body with the proper nutrients it has been deprived of while under the cabbage diet recipe. This may also ensure the least side effects possible and keep you healthy.