Don’t Go Too Bananas Over The Latest Diet

If the cabbage soup diet sounded too sour, many dieters might want to try the banana diet.

That’s what Japanese women are trying and they’re putting the banana market in a massive shortage. This diet is even simpler than most diets.

All that’s needed is a banana or two a day, plenty of water, and sensible meals throughout the day.

Dieters must cut off all food intake after 8 pm. Since bananas are also relatively cheap, this diet will not be as devastating to your wallet as an organic food-rich diet.

The banana secret

Bananas provide a strong jolt of energy that can send dieters soaring throughout the day. Bananas also have 100 calories. Given the nutrient richness of bananas, you will not have to worry too much about malnutrition.

Bananas have a good amount of vitamin C, B6, and potassium. The fiber within a banana also helps banana eaters feel more full.

What if I like food?

Banana diet proponents claim that bananas will give the dieter enough of a metabolism kick to burn anything else they eat throughout the day. But this is simply not true. Many heavy foods like beef and pizza will actually slow down your metabolism.

As a result of this, any calories you consume afterwards will simply get stored in your body like any other time. Also, bananas have relatively high sugar content. Too many bananas will simply cause the usual sugar crash.

So will it work at all?

Bananas are definitely good for you. Also, the recommended intake of water will help curb your appetite throughout the day even without bananas.

Also, diet promoters say that dieters should eat sensibly. But isn’t that the advice for most diets? The most effective part of the diet is likely to be the 8 pm cutoff.

Regardless of what you eat throughout the day, eating after 8 pm is a bad idea. For one, our body metabolism slows down as we wear down for the night.

Any food consumed after 8 pm will likely not be used up. Instead, your body will simply store it for the next day. Keep up this 8 pm meal routine and your calories will really add up.

Another reason why this diet possibly works is that many people do not have a chance to overeat until they get home. After a day of small meals, many individuals raid the fridge and overeat.

A better choice is to try to place your largest meal in the middle or beginning of the day. This will give you plenty of time to burn off the extra calories.

Keep your breakfast varied

If you are going to overeat, you might as well overeat during breakfast. Your body then has plenty of time to utilize the extra calories you have fed it.

But if you want the highest energy levels possible, be sure to keep your breakfasts varied. Vitamin C, B and potassium aren’t the only nutrients your body needs.