Diet Not Drugs For Liver Diseases And Obesity

According to research carried out by scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center those on low-carb diets remove more liver fat than people who have opted for a low-calorie diet.

This is considered to be a very useful study in that it could lead to new ways of assisting those with obesity and diabetes as well as liver diseases.

The head of the clinical study Dr. Browning believes that instead of making use of drugs to deal with problems such as obesity and related ailments, it may simply be a matter of changing the types of food that patient’s intake in order to deal with obesity and bring about changes in the liver.

According to figures from the study low-cal diets produced an average weight loss of around five pounds during the first 14 days. By comparison, those on low-carb diets averaged a weight loss of over nine pounds in the same period.

The liver changes both fat and sugar into energy ready for the body to use. The study indicates that the liver finds it easier to remove sugars than fats. Low-carb dieters simply did not remove as much unwanted chemicals from the bodies via the liver compared to low-cal dieters.