Diet For Diabetes – A Smart Dietary Choice To Control Rapid Diabetes Development

Diet for DiabetesAre you a diabetic? You don’t make or properly use insulin!

This causes high blood glucose levels or sugar levels in your body.

Once you find that you have diabetes then you need to make serious changes in your diet.

When it becomes very difficult to control your diabetes, then you should consider a diet for diabetes. Up to 17 million Americans have diabetes.

Only controlling your blood sugar cannot prevent the complications of diabetes. Wise food choices are the foundation of diabetes treatment.

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will definitely suggest that you should pay careful attention to nutrition and diet as a part of your treatment program.

Include physical activity, healthy lifestyle, blood testing, and insulin injections along with your diet for diabetes. You should consider some factors to manage your diabetes.

Routine Diet For Diabetes:

  • The first step to control the diabetes, to feel better and to take care of your body is to follow a healthy diet for diabetes.
  • Following and eating an alternative diet will help with the symptoms of diabetes and help reduce health complications that are associated with diabetes. The complications associated with diabetes include: blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and lower extremity amputations.
  • In your daily diet for diabetes you should include: 50-60 percent calories from carbohydrates, 12-20 percent from proteins, and less than 30 percent from fat.
  • Avoid eating junk foods. It doesn’t do anything good for your management of diabetes.
  • Plan your meals properly. You should establish a routine for eating meals and snacks at regular times everyday. Choose the right amount to each meal.
  • A smart choice for your diet for diabetes include: apples, buttermilk, beans, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, lotus stem, soups, peas, pears, tomatoes, and whole wheat cereals. You can also take coffee or tea as long as no sugar is added.
  • There are some foods that you should include in your diet. Along with it there are also some foods that you completely avoid from your diet. Those foods include: bananas, cakes, dry fruits, fried foods, pastries, salad oils, and yam.
  • Consider the glycemic index to select the foods, especially carbohydrates that you need to include in your diet.
  • Limit the sweet intake and be careful about when and how many carbohydrates you eat. Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.
  • Include starch foods in your diet for diabetes. They include: bread, cereals, and starchy vegetables, potatoes for example. Eat five fruits and vegetable everyday.

Paying special attention to the foods you eat and monitoring your intake is not just important for keeping your blood sugar levels down but also you should manage your weight. Weight management is as important as diet for diabetes management.

Before going to follow the diet for diabetes, be sure to consult your doctor as he will be able to tell exactly what you need.