Diet And Exercise Only Real Cure For A1C Levels

Following a report published earlier this week that proved that there is a connection between type 2 diabetes and brain functions.

Many people may be searching for ways to reduce their A1C levels.

A1C is a measurement of how levels of blood sugar fluctuate over time.

There are a whole host of possible food and chemical antidotes aimed at reducing this figure will just which ones are really effective is the subject of intense debate.

According to official information from the American Diabetes Association, the reduction of A1C can only be achieved with a genuine long-term weight loss regime, and not surprisingly increased levels of activity and exercise.

Rather than searching for some chemical or food that will magically cure blood sugar levels people should be working on a low glycemic index diet or a low carb diet.

The organization says that diet is the most crucial factor and that reducing carbs and exercising together will have the most beneficial effect. Being far more successful than any drug or miracle cure.

People worried about A1C levels should be reducing the amount of calories they take in and making the effort to do 20 or 30 minutes light exercise each day to have a significant effect on blood sugar levels.