Diet for People Having Diabetic and Cardiac Problems

People having history of cardiac disease as well as diabetes have difficulty when it comes to selecting food. A lot of foods are not allowed to them, and it can become both frustrating as well as difficult. Therefore people suffering from diabetic as well as cardiac issues are advised to have special diet, known as cardiac diabetic diet that will not make their existing problems worse. Here is a list of food items that can feature in this specific diet.

diet for people having diabetic and cardiac problems

The Cardiac Diabetic Diet

Having heart problem along with rising blood sugar level is quite problematic especially when it comes food selection. A lot of people are not completely aware of the food items they are allowed to eat and the items they are not. A list about the cardiac diabetic diet, made specifically for them could be useful in this regard –


Among meat, this diet will consist of chicken, turkey, duck and mainly such white meat without the skin. If you still wish to eat red meat occasionally, make sure the fat is trimmed off the meat,  such as pork tenderloin without fat, ham, that are not cured and without salt, lamb in roasted form etc.

Other Animal Products

For those who are not fond of meat but are keen eating animal products can try meat substitutes which include fresh fish, whites of egg, tofu without salt, canned tuna that is rinsed with fresh water and without salt etc. No smoked or salted fish shall be consumed. For vegetarians, there are certain food items like lentils, dry beans, legume without salt and canned beans.

Dairy Products

Among dairy items, it is fine to consume skimmed milk, yogurts without added sugar, cheese that are low fat (about 2%),  fat free cream cheese, fat free sour cream, etc.

Fresh Vegetables

All fresh vegetables can be eaten as part of this diet. Avoid canned vegetables with salt. All frozen vegetables can be eaten too provided they are not salted or with added sauce. You can also consume vegetable juices that have low sodium content.

Fresh Fruits

Similarly, all fresh fruits can be eaten even if you follow this diet. Canned fruit juices, if they do not have syrups, are also permissible, along with 100% fruit juices without added sugar.

Thus, you may see that most food items that you commonly eat feature in this list. Add some multigrain to that, and you will have a healthy diet for diabetic and cardiac patients.