Clean Eating: “The Eat-Clean Diet” That Isn’t Really A Diet At All

clean eatingTosca Reno is a living example of the effects a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle have on the human body.

Her boundless energy, bright personality and motivational prowess are testament to Clean Eating through her Eat-Clean Diet plan.

The Eat-Clean diet series of books is exactly what this frantic, polluted world needs right now for Clean Eating.

Tosca provides heaps of nutritional information and facts, weight loss techniques that work and exercise plans that are achievable and enjoyable.

There is no talk of doing without or depriving yourself in the clean eating way of life. You are not expected to give up a whole food group or eat more of another.

The range of foods that you can eat is large and varied, so there’s no chance of boredom on this diet. The focus is not on what you can’t have, but on giving your body the things it needs to function properly and to thrive.

All diets promise weight loss. The Eat-Clean Diet has a veritable laundry list of promises for you. Clean eating will help you lose excess weight by burning the fat you don’t need. With your slimmer body will come boundless energy and a strong immune system to ward off nasty bugs and keep you feeling great.

Did you know that your hair and skin reflect what you eat? Dull, lifeless hair and blotchy, dull skin are signs that your diet isn’t balanced and nutritious. By changing to clean eating, these symptoms will disappear and you will be amazed at how lustrous your hair is and how clear and fresh your complexion looks.

Tosca herself is quick to explain that the Eat-Clean Diet is not really a diet; it is a return to the way humans were meant to eat. After applying Tosca’s principles, you will never need another diet because you will never diet again. Clean eating is just that powerful and life-changing.

You will notice that some of the principles found in clean eating are different, while others are what you have been hearing for some time.

Drink lots of water; you need to flush out the system and keep your body properly hydrated. Avoid sugar, foods with added sugar and food that is high in fat – nothing new here.

Clean eating promotes the eating of six smaller meals a day, instead of the usual three meals. Eating more regularly keeps your metabolism fired up and so you burn more calories.

You are giving your digestive and other body systems a hand as well, by not loading them with huge meals.

The food that clean eating encourages us to have is as close to nature as possible. Tosca suggests that we should avoid “foods” that humans have created in a laboratory.

So we should concentrate on eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. You won’t feel hungry; you won’t be tempted to skip meals.

The series of books in the Eat-Clean series include an expanded version of the original, one for the family and kids, a special clean eating cookbook, a book about exercising and workouts and a workout journal.

They are all priced under $20, so cost is no deterrent. Get into this program and see what clean eating can do for you and your family.