Chronologic Nutrition Is A Step Forward In Weight Control

breakfastCreated in 1986 by the French nutritionist Alain Delabos, the chronologic nutrition is much more than a regular diet and follows the principles of the natural body rhythm and enzyme flow.

The large concept of chrono nutrition refers to the process of ingesting food at specific times during the day, precisely those times that are most useful for satisfying the energetic needs of the body.

According to Delabos the ancestral needs of the people are predetermined inside the human body. The body produces certain substances like enzyme and hormones in order to break different food it consumes in a very calculated and organized manner.

So, eating fruit for breakfast or pasta for dinner is not very healthy. Apparently the body does not require those nutrition factors on those specific times and deposits the resources it doesn’t need immediately.

The chrono nutrition calculates the enzyme secretion of the body and establishes what food should or shouldn’t be eaten in certain moments of the day. Except for the milk and yogurt which are rich in lactose that body cannot digest any time, there is no food restriction, calorie count or sugar control.

This diet plan seeks to eliminate those extra pounds caused by the nutrition stocks that the body did not process. If strictly followed the diet guarantees a healthy weight line.

Besides the loss of the extra pounds this method brings also balance in the silhouette. The shape of our body mirrors the food we eat: too many vegetables enlarge the hips and ties; too much meat results in wide chest and large shoulders, too much starch causes a large belly.

Eating what you need when you need it causes the body to stop stocking nutrients and also improves the health.

This diet gives priority to breakfast and lunch which tend to be neglected. Breakfast needs to contain fats like cheese, bread, butter and meat; the afternoon snack should be based on sugars like fruit and chocolate and vegetable fat like avocado and olives.

The lunch and dinner should have only a main course and the extra sugars like pastries, cakes, vines and dessert are not allowed. Still two types of these extra snacks are allowed during a week time.

The logical explanation for this diet plan is that in the morning the body secretes 3 enzymes and hormones: the insulin in order to process the sugar needed by the major organs, the lipoids used to build cell’s walls and proteases used in the metabolism of the proteins used for cell reconstruction.

The quantity of enzymes decreases during the day and that is why the careful monitoring of the food intake according to their activity creates an effective balance and a healthy weight limit.