Lose Weight Quickly With The Cabbage Soup Diet

At the outset it is important to understand that this is not a very healthy or a very long lasting weight loss method. It is also important to use this weight loss method only for the period of one week and not as a long term weight loss program.

However, the cabbage soup diet taken over a week has been seen to work for a lot of people.  The soup includes the ingredients cabbage, onions, green peppers,  canned tomatoes, celery, fresh herbs of your choice, black pepper, carrots,  green beans and balsamic vinegar.

cabbage soup

This is a diet that claims to let you eat a lot and still shed pounds. When taken over the course of a week, it can help you shed several pounds it is claimed. The diet is also a way to detoxify your system. It can be something that can spurt fresh weight gain or can tweak an already ongoing program.

The diet is cheap as is consists of common food items and no supplements are required.  Simple foods can be taken in large quantities which fills you up so that you feel sated for longer. Since cabbage is high in fiber it will cleanse your system too.

The diet is required to be adhered to if it is to succeed and can have certain side effects. Gas is a known problem when eating lots of cabbage. Also one may feel less energetic and may cause headaches. It may reduce metabolic rate and result in muscle loss.